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Izabella Czajkowska

For me, events are about precision and perfection. The logistical, surgical cut. Just like the bomb squad, event managers can only be wrong once. I love classical elegance and simplicity, as well as symmetry. I’m the pillar of the team.

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Iza has over 20 years of experience in the event industry. She started her career abroad, and then worked for Orbis Transport and Budimex. Gaining event experience in collaboration with agencies such as Momentum Worldwide (McCann Worldgroup), Don’t Worry, and Brain Shake, she supported brands including Nestle, Sony, Coty, MasterCard, IKEA, Lukas Bank, and Rossmann. Her original project ‘the Festival of Femininity’ earned her the prestigious Best in the World award from Global Marketing in New York.

Iza is also a licensed guide in Warsaw and leads trips abroad. Privately, she’s a great lover of history (particularly the period from the 17th to the 19th century), sci-fi and action film buff, and collector of figurines from the Predators films.

Hanna Sambali

For me, events are about a wonderful sense of adventure, creative fulfillment, and the unlimited downright madness of ideas. I write scenarios for the team and provide logistical and production support – I’m the boss’ right hand man.

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Hania studied genetics at the Faculty of Animal Sciences, but her passion and love for music led her career in an entirely different direction. She is a co-founder of the Sambali Group, a music producer and manager working with the music scene in Germany, and co-organizer of outdoor and business events.
Privately, Hania is a music lover and CD, LP, and DVD collector. She’s a huge cinema buff, a collector of movie memorabilia and figurines, and an admirer of Tolkien and Harry Potter.

Ilona Szadurska

For me, events are about movement and lightning-fast performance – just like sports. Quick decisions and teamwork – when everyone works together, the project always succeeds.

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She goes for sporting activities – they help integrate everyone and create a good team during the event. In the Sambali team, she assist with children’s and sports productions.

An experienced educator and qualified teacher, Illona runs sporting activities for children and adolescents, including school teams.
She works with an international project called RoSaCe, Commenius– How To Keep Fit. She’s also created educational programs such as ‘Fair Play at School and in Life’ and ‘The Role of Teachers in the Changing School’ – a program directed at students of education.

Steven Sambali

For me, events are about music – great fun with funky rhythms, disco, soul and reggae – I played an event light that and it was awesome. Music soothes the savage beast – doesn’t it?

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Even though he deals with serious international business agreements on a daily basis, his heart is really in the music, so he loves his work as a DJ. As long as he has the time, he really put his heart and soul into it.

Originally from Tanzania, Steven came to Poland in 1992 to study civil engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. In addition to his day job as a businessman working on international contracts, he is also a recognized DJ. He’s worked in clubs such as Czajnik, Tygmont, Harenda, Harlem, Klub Dziennikarza (now Club Savoy) and Goryle we mgle.